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In Red Earth Diaries we meet Jason and Ambika, an average couple who met, fell in love and got married. That’s when their average love story took a dramatic twist.

At the peak of their careers, they gave up everything they had and said goodbye to their comfortable lives in India for the opportunity of a lifetime – to migrate to a country on the far side of the world and pin their hopes on a nation which offered world-class living, endless sunshine and a lifetime of adventure – Australia.

Once they arrived in the country, unlike most migrants, they made a bold decision to postpone their settlement plans, throw caution to the wind and backpack in Australia on a shoestring budget. Their intention was to learn about the country and its people first-hand, a land they would someday call home.

Swimming with sharks, cuddling cute koalas, delving into mysterious caves, chartering private helicopters, venturing deep into ancient rainforests, and getting to know plenty of locals – the couple had incredible experiences in this stunning country.

Join Jason and Ambika on their spectacular journey of discovery…


Red Earth Diaries

I migrated to Australia in 2013, immediately after marrying Ambika…more in search of new adventures than for any other reason. Travelling has always come naturally to me, and I still seek every opportunity to grab my trusted backpack, put on my sturdy hiking boots and travel to a faraway destination. The journey I have currently embarked on is quite different. For the first time, in my life, I have taken a pen in hand and dared to write a travel memoir which encapsulates the fantastic voyage of discovery we had undertaken when we first landed in Australia as first time migrants. The thrill of new experiences dispelled all our fears back then as it does now in my current project: my worries of failing as a writer superseded by my strong desire to excel at this ancient art.

About red earth diaries author jason rebello

The journey has been long and often a lonely one. But, with every chapter I complete, the joy of accomplishment is immense and provides me with the impetus to keep forging ahead. I’m sure many writers face similar struggles and moments of self-doubt, and I would not have expected any different. Our backpacking adventures lasted for two months, and we travelled far and wide within Australia at that time. My writing journey, in contrast, has taken me six long years, but I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

It has not been an easy task, though, and I came across many stumbling blocks along the way. As first time migrants, we got sucked into the vortex of daily living – pulled in every direction and with every daily chore taking me further away from my goal. In the five years, we have moved two states, three cities, five homes and two jobs. And amid all of the chaos, we were blessed with two little angels.

Rohan turned four in January this year while Renee turns two this May. The axis of our universe shifted irrevocably with the birth of our children; new priorities, new responsibilities and new challenges as parents. I love every single moment with my kids and time spent nurturing them is deeply rewarding in itself. Once Renee came into our lives, I felt that I would never be able to pursue my dream of penning the travel memoir.

My compelling vision, however, kept drawing me back to the project, and I spent every opportunity, often in the dead of night or in the silence of pre-dawn typing away furtively at my computer. It was not a smooth click, click, click of the keyboard during each sitting though. I went through phases of self-doubt, days when I was able to write no more than a few lines and even days when I nearly gave up. But I persisted…and typed away.

Red Earth Diaries is a grand culmination of my years of persistent efforts and a living example that – If you can dream it, you can create it!

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Red Earth Diaries

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Coming in 2021 Red Earth Diaries will challenge everything you've ever thought you couldn't do.

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