Red Earth Diaries travelogue for people who want to live their dreams

By Jason Rebello


Red Earth Diaries​


   A Travelogue

   A Migrant’s Journal

   A Tale of Inspiration

   A delve into Australian History

About The Book

Red Earth Diaries is a travelogue and a migrant’s journal. It is also a story of on-the-road discoveries of a newlywed couple and a book which is aimed to inspire readers to chase their dreams!

A one-way ticket to Australia…two months of travel…and a shoestring budget.
In Red Earth Diaries we meet Jason and Ambika, a newlywed couple who migrated to Australia with the hope of a fresh start. However, unlike most migrants, they made a bold decision to postpone their settlement plans, throw caution to the wind and backpack in Australia on a shoestring budget.
Their intention was to learn about the country and its people first-hand … a land they would someday call home.
Swimming with sharks, cuddling cute koalas, chartering private helicopters, venturing deep into ancient rainforests, and getting to know plenty of locals – the couple had incredible experiences in this stunning country.
Their travel story is interwoven with snippets of history and provides the reader with a glimpse of Australia as viewed through the eyes of newly arrived migrants.
Join Jason and Ambika on their spectacular journey of discovery…

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Red Earth Diaries

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Get To Know The Author

Jason Rebello

Jason Rebello was born in Mumbai, India and went to sea at the early age of seventeen.

He spent many years sailing across the world on modern ocean liners, eventually rising to the rank of a ship’s Captain. His sea career was interspaced with a healthy dose of backpacking and intrepid travels and as a result, he was firmly hooked on a life of adventure and uncommon living.

His travel blog, The Evolving Backpacker, was born out of his passion for travel. He has also written several self-help books under the ‘Migrant Ninja’ series.

Jason along with his wife and two children is now settled in Australia.

Sarah MacDonald - Author 'Holy Cow'

‘I’m loving reading about Australia from the perspective of a delightful and adventurous couple on a quest to travel and understand their new home – a vast, strange land. I’m thrilled Jason and Ambika answered the call of the wild and are now Aussies.’

Eduardo Aduna

Red Earth Diaries is a lovely tale of independence and adventure set in the beautiful but harsh continent of Australia. It takes a large amount of courage to venture on a trip with a limited amount of money and with a multitude of unknowns. Doing so as newlywed is something that few would even consider. This premise in itself is sure to pique the interest of many readers. Add the rich setting in one of the most remote, unexplored, and unique continents in the world and you have the perfect recipe for a travelogue.

Foluso Falaye

Red Earth Diaries reveals that life can indeed be an adventure and taking a break from our normal routines to explore something new is a healthy practice for the soul. Jason smoothly switches between relating his experiences and interesting facts about the places he visited. The lifelike descriptions provided give as close an experience as one can get from a book. 

Red Earth Diaries is a must-read for anyone that wishes to experience a daring and inspiring journey. 

Mamta Madhavan

Red Earth Diaries chronicles the author’s passion for travel and discovering new places, and will encourage readers to get out of their comfort zones and explore Australia along with the author.

The book is not only about discovering Australia and enjoying it but there is a thread of chasing dreams and making it happen that runs through the author’s story, which gives the book different dimensions.

Emily-Jane Hills Ford - Award winning Author of 'Gerlinda' and 'To Be a Duke'

Jason’s power of language weaves a fascinating tale of his and Ambika’s adventures, travels, inserting interesting details about various aspects of the continent’s history, its people, its geography and so much more. None of the book is dry reading as the author’s ability to enrich each revelation has the reader yearning for more. A wonderful and informative read.

K.C. Finn - Author of the fantasy epic 'Book of Shade'

In terms of a memoir, this is a truly inspiring tale of migrants coming from India with dreams of a totally different life, and this element is narrated tenderly and with great attention to detail in the prose. For readers looking to travel to Australia in the future, the book provides a great overview of the culture and history of many different places across the country, with enticing local details and personal reactions to the learning experience. And in between all this is a truly exciting tale of exploration and inspiration.

Overall, I would definitely recommend Red Earth Diaries to fans of travel writing and inspirational memoirs everywhere.

Eduardo Aduna

Author Jason Rebello’s prose is engaging and at times truly poetic. The way he observes his surroundings, noting the sights and sounds as well as the behavior of the people he interacts with, indicates heightened attention to details both concrete and abstract.

Red Earth Diaries is an inspiring, surprisingly informative, and wonderfully colorful read, a book that I would pick up again and again, just to read select passages.

Mamta Madhavan

Jason Rebello is honest and straightforward while sharing his story and his passion for travel, and there are underlying spiritual undertones that give the book a zen-like appeal. The author’s travel adventures and his discovery of the inner self, as well as the outer world, make this different from the usual travel book. Apart from discovering Australia, the author’s travel adventures and stories teach readers a lot about living life to the fullest.

This is one of the best travel books I have read in recent times because it is not only about discovering a place but also about discovering the self and improving for the better.

K.C. Finn - Author of the fantasy epic 'Book of Shade'

A concise but comprehensive read with plenty of adventure from cover to cover, this is the unique tale of how a couple with very little to their name migrated to Australia with the dreams of crafting a new life in a new country. What results is an incredible story of their initial backpacking odyssey as they fall in love with the country and its many wonderful characters, and the story of how this inspires them to set up their new lives and thrive in a brand new environment of hope.

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